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Although you can’t buy these futuristic products—yet—they give us a clue about what to expect in the years to come. And, man, do we wish we could buy them now.

Concept products never fail to amaze us. Pushing the boundaries of technology, their designs can be everything from bizarre interpretations of the future to new takes on everyday objects. They excite and inspire us, which is why we wish we could buy these futuristic concept gadgets now.

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love ar? Enjoy a new, more practical application with Google AR Glasses. They translate spoken language directly onto the lens, potentially aiding in international trade and travel.

And when you do feel stressed, wouldn’t it be great if your home could sense it and adapt accordingly? Well, that’s exactly what the Souve device aims for by Recipe Design. It scans your face for stress and communicates with your smart home devices.

Check out other futuristic concept gadgets we’d love to buy right now.

1. The Solep Interactive Yoga Mat With its smart mat, camera and interactive handle, it’s like having your own yoga teacher at home.

10 Futuristic Concept Gadgets We Wish We Could Buy Now
Sollep During Yoga Workout

Your yoga mat is a stable piece of equipment. Or is it? Solep Interactive Yoga Mat Takes training to a whole new level with its LED screen that shows correct arm and leg position. Meanwhile, the handles let you move forward and monitor your posture.

Learn more about this gadget yanko design,

2. The google ar glasses Translate spoken language directly on the lens, simplifying international business and travel.

google ar glasses video

Wish you could communicate more easily with a business in another country? google ar glasses could help. This concept gadget from Google uses AR to translate and transliterate languages ​​directly on your lens, bridging the language barrier.

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3. The DAB Motors Concept-E Electric Motorcycle Looks elegant and minimalist. Plus, it’s almost silent when it moves.

DAB Motors Concept E
DAB Motors CONCEPT-E Charging

wander through the streets quietly with DAB Motors Concept-E Electric Motorcycle, This conceptual motorcycle begins the transition to the electric model of the DAB and runs on a 10 kW motor and 51.8 V Li-ion battery. It’s one of our favorite futuristic concept gadgets because it favors a clean, cool future.

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4. The Holocube Holographic Display The concept elevates your NFT art, turning it into a desk-displayable hologram.

holocube on a desk

There is nothing more futuristic than a hologram. And this Holocube Holographic Display Concept Turns your NFT into a 3D orb displayed inside a glass cube. You can upload your NFTs from your phone and view them at home or in the office.

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5. The Recipe Design Soove Home Monitoring Device can really detect your stress, then modify your home to support relaxation.

10 Futuristic Concept Gadgets We Wish We Could Buy Now
Recipe Design Suave on a Coffee Table

with Recipe Design Soove Home Monitoring DeviceYour home can recognize your stress. Its advanced facial tracking checks for tired eyes, poor skin tone and tired wrinkles. After reading that, it can help to replace your home setup with connectivity to your smart home device.

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6. The Razer Project Sofia Concept Gaming Desk It has 13 modules, which form a personalized gaming setup.

10 Futuristic Concept Gadgets We Wish We Could Buy Now
Razer Project Sofia front view

Design your ideal home gaming setup with Razer Project Sofia Concept Gaming Desk, It supports 13 different modules like secondary screen, touchscreen hotkey panel, audio mixer unit, and more, which is why it’s one of those futuristic concept gadgets we’d love to own.

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7. Oscar Olsen TT-90 System Wall-Mounted Record Player Takes your vinyl-listening experience into the future.

Oscar Olsson TT90 System Wall Mounted Record Player
Oscar Olsson TT-90 System on the Wall

Have you rediscovered vinyl? Then you probably know that those consoles take up a lot of space. and there Oscar Olsen TT-90 System Wall-Mounted Record Player Comes in. It mounts to the wall, saving you valuable table and sideboard real estate. Even better, the companion app offers modern-day smart controls.

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8. The Senseglove Nova VR Gloves Helps you to feel digital objects like 2kg brick weight in your hand.

10 Futuristic Concept Gadgets We Wish We Could Buy Now
SenseGlove Nova VR glove in use

VR can be even more realistic with Senseglove Nova VR Gloves, It gives a force response with 20 Newton resistance in your hand in 10 ms; Making objects realistic. You can also pick up objects and rotate them to observe their shape.

almost . get a pair for $4,822 on the official website.

9. The caltech leonardo bipedal robot Walks, flies, and even rides a skateboard, redefining the future of robotic movement.

caltech leonardo videos

caltech leonardo bipedal robot Quite impressive. It not only moves straight, but also flies. Combining a propeller with 2 legs that each have 3 active joints, this new robot has an unprecedented walking ability that could serve as inspiration for future robots.

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10. The COMODO Shoe Storage Equipment There is a fancy shoe box that disinfects and deodorizes your shoes as well.


Make cleaning your shoes something you don’t have to think about COMODO Shoe Storage Equipment, Its HEPA filter and fragrance filter keep your shoes smelling fresh, while the UV lamp ensures they are germ-free.

Learn more about this gadget designerdot,

With gadgets like this, the future of tech looks pretty impressive. Which of these futuristic concept gadgets would you like to buy? let us know!

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