6 Best Health Coaching Certification Programs of 2022

Merrell Readman

mbg associate food and health editor

by Merrell Reidman

mbg associate food and health editor

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4 June 2022

The health and wellness industry has skyrocketed over the past several years, making the demand for qualified health trainers all the more apparent. Right now, there’s a need for certified experts to help provide support and advice for people working through illness and disease—and one way to get your credentials is through the best online health coaching programs.

If you are considering getting into this field and becoming a health coachRead on to uncover courses that offer the most complete breadth of information and training. Whether you’re working on a budget or already have a knowledge base, here’s everything you need to know to choose the right fitness training program.

What is a Health Coach?

a fitness instructor Is a trained expert in the field of nutrition and holistic wellness, providing well-rounded guidance to clients to improve their health.

Instead of looking to the basics of your life to provide general diagnosis and advice, fitness instructor Your sleep, diet, lifestyle habits, and more are trained to look at the root cause of the issues you’re struggling with—chronic or not. In fact, holistic nutritionist and celebrity health coach Kelly LeVeque once told mbg that health coaches “can support the resolution” [a client’s] symptoms, and potentially resolution of [their] disease state.”

Specializing in subject areas such as diet and nutrition, fitness and stress, a good health coach should be able to take a 360 Approach to WellnessTo provide the highest quality care to our customers.

How to become a health coach

To become a certified fitness instructor, you will need to complete a training course to prepare for your role. There’s a wide range of options to choose from – in truth, an overwhelming amount – but it’s a good rule of thumb to look for courses that are accredited National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching ,NBHWC,

These courses vary in time, monetary investment and results, so setting realistic goals before entering the program will ensure that you are making the most of it. Some require a college degree to get started, and others are better suited to start your personal health coaching service. Knowing what you want out of the course before making your decision will ensure that you are not wasting any time.

You should also be prepared to take a comprehensive exam at the end of your course, which will determine your preparation to enter this field.

How we chose:

We hand-picked programs at a variety of price points to meet up-and-coming health coaches, while also making the process accessible.

It is important that a good health coaching program is accredited by a trusted source, and that every certification we choose is accredited by the NBHWC or NCCA.

Health coaching is a time investment, and some have more time to deliver than others. We selected a range of programs with different timing requirements to fit different schedules.

You want a fitness training program that includes a wide range of information in the field of health, and each of our selections gives you the knowledge you need to become the best coach.

mbg picks for best health coaching program 2022:


  • Well Rounded Approach to Wellbeing
  • Skilled 20-Week Course
  • NBHWC-approved
  • Great for career changers and those already working in the health sector


  • The 20-Week Program May Not Be Suitable for All Schedulers

If you are looking for a complete health coaching course that sets you up for success in just 20 weeks, mbg’s HCC is perfect for you. An NBHWC-approved training program, the curriculum incorporates a strong outlook on health to prepare graduates through a combination of instruction, office hours and feedback sessions. Although virtual, Previous reviewers called The courses, both helpful and interactive, prove that you don’t need to meet IRL to have an enriching environment. This mbg’s . is also well connected with functional nutrition training To further expand your knowledge in the field.


  • brand building skills
  • measurable
  • NBHWC-approved

Health Coach Institute sets you up with the knowledge to grow your brand and share your skills with anyone who wants to make it their own health coaching service after completing the training. NBHWC-approved, this program offers a simple fitness coach option as well as a coach mastery course to take your learning to the next level. The latter puts you in touch with people who have previously completed courses for additional community support.


  • Great for people looking to change career paths
  • no prerequisites
  • provides special education
  • NBHWC-approved


  • Less generalized outlook on health, may be limited

Many health coaching programs require prerequisites before starting—be it a bachelor’s degree or CPR certification—but the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is welcoming to all levels. This program is great if you want to focus on a more specific area of ​​health, providing certification in pregnancy, families, and adults/seniors. Online courses take 6 to 36 weeks to complete, depending on how rigorous you want it to be. Not to mention, it is also recognized by NBHWC.


  • affordable
  • great for special training
  • NCCA-approved


  • NBHWC-Not Approved
  • Requires CPR/AED certification

We believe that health coaching is no small investment, especially if you are just starting your business. Even when you want to spend less, it’s important to find a program that sets you up for success. ACE’s fitness training program starts at just $650 and takes three to four months to get your certification. The program offers three different tiers at different price points, making it even more accessible for different income levels. The program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).


  • no prerequisites
  • own pace
  • measurable


  • first come first serve
  • Focus only on nutrition rather than overall health
  • not recognized
  • limited instructional support

If your focus in health coaching is more in nutrition, then Precision Nutrition’s Level 1 course will provide you with a broad base of information. Not requiring any prerequisites, the virtual course is self-paced and provides valuable information on nutrition coaching for those looking for a more specialized exercise. While the program is not accredited, it has been recognized and approved by various organizations including ACE, NASM, and more for continuing education units.

Created by a leader in the field of health and wellness, IIN was the first health coaching program available. This gives IIN an advantage over its competitors: it offers an extensive alumni network, which can be helpful after graduating from the program. They also offer 6- or 12-month options. However, the course is expensive and requires extensive weekly coursework to ensure that you complete the 6-month program on time. It is also worth noting that they were Acquired by a Minnesota-based private equity firm in 2018.

View on IIN, ($6795)


Selecting a fitness training program that is right for you requires optimizing your experience and spending the time and resources you have on a certification that prepares you to best serve your clients. Whether you go with mbg’s HCC or with another program, the health sector needs qualified specialists to make better health more accessible.

Want to turn your passion for wellbeing into a fulfilling career? Become a Certified Health Coach! Learn more here.

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