‘Everything I Know About Love’ review: Dolly Alderton’s beloved book comes to screen

Your new best friends are around the corner.

Meet Maggie (Emma Appleton), Birdie (Bel Powley), Amara (Alijah Odofin), and Nell (Marley Siu) – four best friends who live in their twenties on a flat share in Camden, London. Together they share the euphoric ups and downs that come with this age – terrible dates, raucous nights, terrible hangovers, terrible decisions, heaps of sex and drugs, and relationships with people who don’t treat you the way you do. In a way you are eligible.

Created and adapted for television by dolly aldertonand based on best selling memoir With the same name, the show is about the almighty learning curve that many of us go through in this early decade of our lives. Don’t be fooled by the title, the show isn’t just about romantic love – its most important arc is the story of the friendship between best friends Maggie and Birdie, who have known each other since childhood, and are now on a dangerous path. Ongoing as their romantic partner and sexual abuse threaten the platonic love they share. Can their lifelong friendship survive?

If you’re in your thirties, and grew up in the late nineties and early 2000s, this show will have a very special place in your heart, especially because of the cultural references that lead you to your tween era. will take it back. more days tammy girl, school discos, and putting together dance routines in your parents’ living rooms. It’s got a seriously banging soundtrack to match the heavy nostalgia—the Sugababes’ “Overload,” Whigfield’s “Saturday Night,” S Club 7’s “Don’t Stop Movin’,” Kylie Minogue’s “Love at First Sight,” and b*tchids “C’est La Vie,” to name a few.

Birdie (BEL POWLEY) and Maggie (EMMA APPLETON) cook cookies together in the kitchen

BFFs: Birdie (Bel Powley) and Maggie (Emma Appleton).
credit: Matt Squire / Working Title / Universal International Studios Ltd.

The central friendship between Maggie and Birdie is deeply rooted. Maggie is the kind of Millennial Keith Richards with a penchant for bad boys and wild nights that never seem to end. Birdy is a sweet-natured innocent who finds himself in a relationship with the most boring and harsh traditional man known to mankind. Her presence puts an almighty pressure on the bond between these two BFFs, leaving Maggie feeling abandoned and lonely, while Birdie enjoys high in love with her first boyfriend. We’ve all been there – I know I definitely have,

Meanwhile, Maggie begins a friendship with the bullied Supreme Street (Connor Finch), who is in a band (of course), doesn’t have a smart phone (naturally), and travels to Camden for ethical reasons. refuses to do what isn’t quite obvious to any of us (haha ok). All is well for the time being because, she is sexy and cool. Red flags are ubiquitous, but — as many of us can relate — Maggie looks back on them because she thinks she loves him.

Maggie (EMMA APPLETON) and Street (CONNOR FINCH) stand at a gate in East London

*Waves Red Flag Frenzy* Maggie (Emma Appleton) and Street (Connor Finch).
credit: Matt Squire / Working Title / Universal International Studios Ltd.

there are moments i know all about love It’ll make you so upset that you’ll feel bad for your neighbors, like Maggie’s statement that she’s “absolutely sure I’ve only got technicolor strains of HPV from that relationship.” But in a true highlight, found in episode 1 of the series, viewers will witness a dance scene that rivals Hugh Grant’s epic really love Boogie to the Pointer Sisters’ “Jump (For My Love)”. Maggie goes an extra, doing nothing more than dancing to “Brothers on the Slide” by Simande with a cigarette in her mouth the whole time. It’s great.

But there are also deeper lows that are the de facto markers of this decade, like watching Maggie eat a block of Cathedral City cheddar in bed because she feels like herself. friendship can end,

There are moments in ‘Everything I Know About Love’ that will make you so ticklish that you will feel bad for your neighbors.

There are surprisingly sex positive moments, like the montage of dating app hookups, in which Amara pulls out a vibrator and uses it during doggy style sex while her partner exclaims, “Crap, it’s hot.” This feels like a departure from previous iterations of onscreen heterosexual sex involving sex toys, which have generally framed the introduction of a tool for masculinity in the bedroom as a threat.

There are lovely flashbacks to Maggie and Birdy’s teenage years as well, as they trumped the tough times of crushes on boys and fabulous makeovers on the school playground. Directed by China Moo-Young and Julia Ford and produced by Surian Fletcher-Jones, the show will make you laugh, cry, and pick up the phone to send messages to your teammates. It will fill the vacancies in the life you have left dairy girls, sex and the City, girlsAnd every other girl gang show you’ve ever loved.

Alderton wrote the screenplay during the third national lockdown in the UK – a time when seeing friends was very restricted, and partying at a house (off 10 Downing Street) Would have gotten you into real police trouble. There’s something delicious about watching a group of friends partying like there’s no tomorrow, like their actions have zero consequences, like they don’t care in the world.

It is a heartwarming and at times heartwarming show that will make you feel like you are re-watching your twenties.

Everything I Know About Love will start on Tuesday 7 June, BBC One and all episodes will be available from this date on BBC iPlayer. Streaming details outside the UK TBC.

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