Flights canceled Latest Updates: Thousands stranded abroad as Sadiq Khan blames Brexit for flight chaos

tens of thousands Britain Stranded at all airports Europe After another series of flight cancellations as half-period travel chaos Showing no signs of diminishing.

Several families and couples were due to return to the UK on Saturday, but 100 flights were canceled due to ongoing issues with staff shortages, which have plagued airports for months.

Dozens of flights have already been canceled on Sunday, with the biggest problem gatwick Where Wizz Air, British Airways and EasyJet have stopped flights.

Long queues, massive cancellations and dreadful delays to passengers are to blame BrexitMayor of London Sadiq Khan has said.

He has called on the government to relax immigration rules and allow European workers employed in the aviation industry before Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic to return to address the labor shortage in the sector.

However, Transport Minister Grant Shapps dismissed calls to open the door for more “cheap” foreign workers to ease pressure on the aviation sector.

He accused travel owners of “biting too far” during the pandemic and said it was up to the region to resolve the issues.


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More Immigration Isn’t the Answer to Airport Travel Chaos, Says Shapps

The transport secretary has rejected calls to open the door for more “cheap” foreign workers to ease pressure on the aviation sector.

Air travelers faced days of disruption at UK airports, with 17 marked as delayed, with a total of 20 flights canceled at Gatwick airport on Saturday.

Grant Shapps said he would “make absolutely every effort to ensure” the holidays are able to go away without issues during the summer, but allow a temporary migration flow to bridge the labor shortage. stopped from

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Eurostar recommends passengers to ‘postpone travel’ due to power failure

In a tweet, he said: “Due to power problems in the Paris area, all our trains to and from Paris are subject to severe delays and cancellations. We strongly advise all our passengers to take their own steps if possible. Postpone the trip.”

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Unite boss blames government’s failure to guarantee job guarantees to travel chaos

Unite boss Sharon Graham has blamed the government’s failure to provide job guarantees with Covid money for the travel chaos for commuters.

She said on Twitter: “The shock is over @GOVUK’s failure to attach job guarantees to the £8bn in furlough wages paid to airlines.

“Now that there is a chronic shortage of staff, if travel bosses don’t work together, this chaos could continue until next year.”

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What are my consumer rights if my flight is cancelled?

Dozens of flights are being canceled daily by airlines due to staff shortage and illness due to absenteeism.

British Airways, EasyJet and Tui have all decided to cut their summer schedules, with most routes canceled in advance and passengers notified.

our travel correspondent simon calder Your consumer rights run through if your flight is canceled.

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Airlines need to ‘follow rules when flights are disrupted’ Which consumer group?

Lisa Webb, a law expert with consumer rights group Joe?, said airlines need to “follow the rules when a flight is disrupted” after a “hellish week” for passengers.

“This half-period embarrassing scene at UK airports is the result of an industry in which some airlines feel they can get around impunity by ignoring consumer rights,” she said.

“It is clear that there is a need to strengthen passenger rights, so the government should drop the plan to cut compensation for delayed and canceled flights and the civil aviation authority should be given the power to issue fines directly so that when they It can put airlines into account if they violate the law.”

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Pictured: Queues on Eurostar in Paris

The first image shows the Gare du Nord terminal and the second is the Eurostar waiting room.

(Laura Hampson)

(Laura Hampson)

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Is travel and passport chaos the new normal for Global Britain?

This travel chaos and these passport delays don’t feel like the Brexit we were promised, writes Sean O’Grady,

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Grant Shapps shrugs off calls for ‘cheap’ foreign workers to solve airport chaos

Grant Shapps has dismissed calls to open the door for more “cheap” foreign workers to ease pressure on the aviation sector.

The transport secretary said he would “make absolutely every effort to ensure” the holidays are able to get away without issues during the summer, but to allow an influx of temporary stays to bridge the labor shortage. stopped from

Mr Shapps, asked whether he would temporarily allow more foreign workers to ease staff pressure in the industry, said on the BBC’s Sunday Morning programme: “The answer is always to reach the lever marked ‘more immigration’ Not possible.

“There’s no stretch that’s going to relieve it.”

Mr Shapps also denied that the UK’s divorce from Brussels was the main factor behind the chaos and queues seen at UK airports during the four-day Platinum Jubilee break, pointing to widespread disruption elsewhere in Europe. does.

Mr Shapps said the Brexit vote was about moving away from hiring “cheap labor from elsewhere”.

“I didn’t vote for Brexit, but the country did and we’ve made our choice – we want a high-wage, high-efficient economy,” he said. This means that the aviation sector, like all other sectors, and as HGVs, the lorry driving sector has now done, needs to change.

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Eurostar update from Paris

Passengers scheduled for the Paris Gare du Nord train at 9.12 a.m. CEST have been told that their train should be ready to depart at 3.15 a.m. CEST, six hours after initially leaving.

As the news was announced by members of the Eurostar team, there was cheer and applause throughout the Eurostar waiting terminal, where passengers on four delayed trains had been waiting for nearly five hours.

An earlier power failure just outside Paris has been the cause of Eurostar delays today, which has led to the cancellation of several trains from Paris to London as British holidaymakers try to return home for the end of the school holiday.

In three other trains running till 12 noon, passengers have been asked to reach home even today.

Joe Middleton5 June 2022 14:00

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