Happy Root to focus on scoring runs after ‘unhealthy’ time as captain England vs New Zealand 2022

Joe Root admitted that captaincy had become “a very unhealthy relationship” after his first match, as a potentially toxic baton to Ben Stokes ended up with his ceiling. England’s first Test win in 10 months And he scored both his first fourth innings century and his 10,000th Test run.

Root Relinquished captaincy in April after England a disastrous Ashes tour with Series loss in West IndiesThe burden of leadership is increasing rapidly.

“It had become a very unhealthy relationship, the captaincy and I,” he said. “It started taking a toll on my personal health. I couldn’t leave it on the ground anymore, it was coming home. It was not fair to my family, to people close to me, and it was not fair to me either. I had thrown everything at it and I was determined to help change this team, but it got to a level where it was time for someone else to lead, and I could influence that in a different role. .

Root’s innings against New Zealand began relatively quietly, before intensifying as conditions on the field turned the match – he scored 34 off 89 when Stokes was dismissed on Saturday afternoon, but then Scored 81 off 81, ending with a pull for four. Won by five wickets. He later said that paying off his great friend and successor for some great performances in the past seemed more important than a personal milestone.

“It’s a great motivator for me to move forward, with the amount of amazing things Ben has done for this team under my leadership,” he said. “This is a great opportunity for me to do the same for him in the next phase of his career. This meant a huge amount to get out of line. Scoring a century and reaching 10,000 runs was so special, I can’t pretend it wasn’t, but nothing mimics winning a game of cricket.

“When you walk through the dressing room and you high-five the rest of the group and you can see the real happiness and excitement on their faces. That’s what I’ve missed the most, I think, a little more in the past year.”

Man of the match Joe Root shares a joke with England captain Ben Stokes after the fourth day of the first Test match between England and New Zealand at Lord's on June 5, 2022.
Joe Root (right) said he was pleased to see Ben Stokes pay off for his performance as the new England captain under him. Photograph: Gareth Copley / Getty Images

Stokes applauded from the balcony and Root, backed by Ben Fox, scored the winning run. “Whatever he said about captaincy and everything, it was wonderful to see him go from there, to see the pure joy of winning a game for England in his first game after stepping down as captain,” he said. ” They said.

“We are very close. We are not just work colleagues. As passionate as it was for him, it was wonderful for me to see a very close friend walk in after leading England to victory.”

If the final morning, thanks to Root, Fox and a gentle ball, was mainly notable for its lack of drama, then the combination of Stokes and new coach, Brendon McCullum, should ensure that there is much more in the future. “Last night too, when the Foxes were going out to bat [McCullum] Stokes said, wanted to send Brody to get out and there was a slogan, just make 30 to 40 runs and the game is done.

“That’s the kind of things we don’t do in the dressing room, and those things make us a world of good. Those little things, the confidence and energy that he brings and his mindset towards the game. He can help everyone in any situation. Going to feel like 10 feet tall. We’ve got a long road ahead of us. It’s not an overnight thing. But Brendan and I are trying to work in that direction.

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson said he felt the game was “on a knife’s edge” overnight. “This morning we knew that if we can get wickets early then things can happen quickly, and that was not to be the case,” he said before turning to Root’s 14th wicket achievement.th The man in the history of Test cricket to score 10,000 runs: “He keeps going and does it with real grace and ease. It’s always nice to play against him – and a real challenge as well.”

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