Looks like Apple VR and Oculus Quest Pro have all the right things in common

As we sit back at the debut of two major VR announcements this year — Apple’s VR glasses and Meta’s upcoming Project Cambria headset — it’s becoming increasingly clear that these two headsets have an incredible amount in common. At the heart of all this is a design philosophy that is not centered around one medium. Instead of just VR, you get a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality known as XR or, sometimes, mixed reality.

I had the privilege of speaking with John Fan, PhD, CEO and Founder of Kopin Corporation, who has been working in the AR/VR industry for over 30 years. In particular my attention turned to Kopin’s Pancake Lens, a product that offers thinner lenses than anything currently available in the consumer AR/VR space. In fact, the slim and sleek Apple VR headset and meta Project Cambria (opens in new tab) Made possible by pancake lenses, which replace headset-like Fresnel lenses Oculus Quest 2 (opens in new tab),

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