Meet Nurse Duggan, who believes laughter is the best medicine

A mischievous clown with a heart of gold, Katie Duggan makes a lot of people laugh.

Living in Macroom for the past 30-plus years, the Cork woman, originally from Kilmichael, works as a nurse and regularly goes above and beyond to bring joy to her patients.

“Currently on sick leave with a cancer diagnosis, Katie is staying upbeat and positive as she looks forward to her second surgery to ensure she remains healthy for the years to come.

“My mentor Dr. John Coulter and gynecological nurse Eileen Kennedy have supported me tremendously.”

At 57 years old, Katie has interesting quirks and fascinatingly hilarious stories to share about her past years, including one dressing up as a nun to please a patient in her ward and one The work involves intimidating Bezius by jumping out. cupboard.

“One Halloween I dressed up as a nun and went to visit a patient, her family was with her and when I asked her to join in the prayer, the patient recognized me and started laughing, it was so funny. Before I left I hid in a cupboard and when a nurse was passing I came out wearing a Halloween mask and dressed as a nun and she cried so much I was scared myself!

    June 1, 2022 Roisin Burke: EE: Katie Duggan, McCroom from The Character of Cork.  Photo;  Eddie O'Hare
June 1, 2022 Roisin Burke: EE: Katie Duggan, McCroom from The Character of Cork. Photo; Eddie O’Hare

One of Katie’s hobbies is singing on a social singing app called ‘Smool’.

“I joined it after I had trouble with my lungs. The blood was not clotting properly and I was having trouble breathing. I stayed in the hospital for a week.” Katie said that singing helps exercise her lungs.

“It makes a big difference, but it’s also fun, you can sing alone or break a song and sing along to others.”

Katie said that her two dogs, Charlie and Frank, enjoy her singing.

“One day I was kicking Whitney Houston out and suddenly Frank started thundering too!”

Charlie and Frank are both rescue dogs. Charlie is a large Alsatian mixed breed that is partly a fluffy sheepdog and Frank is a Rottweiler.

“They are outdoor dogs, but they are fenced in. They are good company.”

Katie said that she is very satisfied with her lifestyle and enjoys her life to the fullest.

“I’m so happy, I’m so satisfied. I’ve had a much greater appreciation for things than I did when I was younger and my sense of humor has developed over the years. I feel so lucky to live in Ireland And I appreciate how much nursing has taught me, I’ve met some lovely people, grown-ups can be very intelligent, I’ve seen.”

Katie said she often goes above and beyond for her patients.

“When people are nice I want to help them, you can’t do enough for them.”

The Cork nurse said that as a younger woman she was very shy and it was only in her later years that she became comfortable interacting and socializing with people outside her comfort zone.

“In my 20s/30s I would have been humiliated for going out of my bubble, nursing made me more sociable.” Nursing for the past 36 years, Katie said she thought the profession should have a high degree of recognition.

“Long ago, it was considered a profession and treated differently, now, nurses are highly skilled, they prepare for so many emergency situations in advance, they develop an intuition of how Give feedback. They have so much going on. It is not recognized as much as it should be.”

If Katie had any regrets she would not have indulged in amateur drama in her younger years.

“I’m very fond of writing and art, drama and acting, I write a little, just poetry and short stories, I have a creative side. I also make short videos for friends, I play a character called ‘Nurse Fossil’ And that’s a personality.”

Katie said she uses the character of Nurse Fossil to make short videos for people and many have said the videos were a big help during the lockdown and pandemic.

One of the things Katie has learned over the years is learning to say no.

“I used to be a real people pleaser, I love making people happy, but you can’t do it all and as a nurse you have to have boundaries.”

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