Pokémon Go Fest 2022 leaves Professor Willow missing in action

This year’s Go Fest, Pokémon Go’s annual summer weekend addition, kicked off the game with the introduction of a new mythical creature, the arrival of the franchise’s extra-dimensional Ultra Beasts, and the apparent (albeit temporarily) loss of everyone’s favorite hunky. has shaken. Professor, Willow.

The disappearance of Willow, a surprising twist for the game’s second day, means the game is left without its usual friendly face guiding players through the game’s story. A mysterious stranger named Rei, who appears to have a new ally, has taken Willow’s place instead, while players investigate the emergence of the first Ultra Beasts.

These creatures are likely the reason for Willow’s absence, and it is expected that this will be the continued focus on the game’s new season of Go. For now at least, Willow’s absence appears to be a story development that will last for some time, with standard in-game text changed throughout the app to remove references to the Professor. (For those who are overly concerned, a Go Fest finale event for existing ticket holders, coming up in August, is likely to revolve around their revival.)

Shamin shuffles in Pokemon Go. Dear.

Like years past, the first day of Go Fest was filled with a cute new legendary Pokémon up for grabs. This year it was Shamin, a cheerful kind of elephant that blooms wherever it goes. I particularly enjoyed its entrance – meandering through a beautiful flower-filled landscape – to dutifully allow myself to be captured.

Along the way were the usual array of quest steps, raid battles, and rare Pokémon to capture. this year had the potential to innovate Tailor your Go Fest story quest to your taste, with different options for those who like to walk and explore, those who want to catch every creature in sight, and those who focus on fighting. In a smart move, each of these paths also offered three levels of difficulty so you could wrap things up quickly if you wanted, with similar rewards so that players of all abilities would get the same items for the price of their ticket. .

Professor Willow, RIP.

With tickets costing around £14 (annoyingly, prices vary slightly in different phone app stores), Go Fest 2022 didn’t have the same deep discounts as last year (when Google sponsorship reduced it to a tempting £5. saw). This led many in my community to decide to give it a miss, even with that third day in August to bulk up the offerings, and a busy second day of rare species and impressions.

For your money, players get to use at least 18 individual raid passes and three remote passes over two days First Ultra Beast, Nihilego, the usually ultra-rare Axew, which was now available in its shiny version and other mythical creatures. Other Pokémon available include Tropius and Torcol, generally regional-exclusive for Africa and Southeast Asia, and the event-exclusive Unaun.

All players were introduced to Rei on Sunday, while ticket holders received a second, longer search with further detail.

As always, a big draw for many players was the increased shine rate of the event. And, as always, much has been said online on the number of shines some players have. Be expected To get, versus what they actually got. It’s a thorny topic, and isn’t helped by the depressing opacity around Pokémon Go’s dazzling possibilities, as well as the use of vague language to refer to Shiny’s “if you’re lucky!” is seen as.

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t see any significant reduction in dazzling rates from any other ticketed event of this type. Although, Top Pokémon Go fans have a discussion on Reddit TheSilphRoad Worth comparing the spawning pool of the flagging event to that of Go Fest 2021, with fan analysis showing that shine rates may be similar had the less shiny-probable species featured this year.

Pokémon Go’s next set of events is its ever-popular Adventure Week, which focuses on fossil Pokémon, as well as its festivities. Expansion of the impending trading card game And the upcoming sixth anniversary. It’ll be interesting to see how the story develops with Rei over the next few months — and whether August’s bonus Third Go Fest Day offers more value for ticket holders.

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