Simplifying and speeding up Internet of Things applications

Real-time problem solving within the construction industry requires simplification and acceleration of application development and deployment.

Eurotech, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution enabler, delivers edge hardware integrated with software and services, helping manufacturers connect their assets to the cloud and generate computational power and even artificial intelligence at the edge. They are made smart by taking advantage of Intelligence (AI). The functionalities in Eurotech’s solutions allow manufacturers to directly monitor and control their industrial equipment, assets, processes and events, and thereby improve decision-making in their factories and supply chains.

“Combining its experience in the operational technology (OT) world with Microsoft’s expertise in cloud applications, Eurotech provides a unique and strong value proposition for the manufacturing market,” says Robert Andres, Chief Strategy Officer, Eurotech. “It expands the global Microsoft Azure ecosystem for both customers and systems integration partners, enabling them to build and use edge and cloud computing solutions for industrial IoT without compromising on OT requirements for solutions in the field “

Eurotech provides application-optimized edge gateways with a fully fledged edge stack, which includes a managed Linux operating system and a powerful IoT edge framework with Everywhere Software Framework (ESF). This ensures simple and flexible southbound connectivity to field assets and seamless northbound connectivity to Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Andres says, “ESF significantly reduces the complexities involved in developing edge applications and allows customers and system integration partners to effectively integrate IoT solutions in demanding environments by directly interfacing with Microsoft Azure’s powerful and versatile cloud services.” Enables you to build, deploy, and manage

The partnership between Eurotech and Microsoft enables seamless integration between OT and IT domains for easy application development and deployment, and asset management.

“Customers can choose whether to take advantage of this powerful edge software functionality natively on the Eurotech gateway or in a containerized implementation, which best suits their specific application needs,” says Andres. “Our ESF Edge software seamlessly integrates a connector toward Azure IoT Hub services, to collect, compute, and send field-aggregated data to IT applications in the cloud. For customers to be straight on the edge A separate integration with Microsoft services may be required. Therefore, Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Edge can run as containers on top of Eurotech’s Edge hardware, taking advantage of a container orchestrator.

“Providing customers with edge gateways that are certified to operate with Azure IoT Hub or directly with Azure IoT Edge, with the benefits provided by a complete edge stack, with the amount of data being sent to central cloud services , and thus also lowers the associated cost,” says Andres. “By deploying edge computing where data is generated and needed, availability is increased and latency is reduced.”

The company’s Edge Gateway can also be managed directly from the Microsoft cloud via Azure IoT Edge. However, Eurotech recommends deploying Everywhere Cloud for customers who require full lifecycle management, extended logging, system health monitoring and advanced remote management.

Manufacturing companies can benefit from the integration flexibility and no-code edge development associated with Eurotech’s ESF, greatly simplifying the interfacing of a large number of different device types, sensors and industrial protocols with Microsoft Azure.

“The first requirement for customers who want to develop edge IoT applications is the ability to communicate with operational technology protocols,” says Andres. “ESF comes with a wide range of supported field protocols, for example Modbus, OPC-UA or S7, addressing the development and connectivity challenges that fall within the OT realm. With minimal configuration and set-up, ESF Users can interface with field devices and protocols and efficiently publish data to Azure IoT Hub in minutes.

“The Eurotech IoT offering ensures efficient consolidation of incoming data streams from multiple sensors, actors and other field assets, allowing simultaneous processing and sensor fusion at the edge. Possibility of working with Azure digital twins Digital models of assets and products that are generated based on aggregated data. Our customers can work directly on Azure with digital models that are generated automatically, to improve situational awareness, To collect critical insights and create business value.”

Eurotech is continuously working with Microsoft to ensure robust and secure IoT solutions. More recently, Microsoft and Eurotech, in a collaborative effort with Infineon and GlobalSign, published a blueprint for secure, zero-touch onboarding with Azure. Eurotech now aims to deliver products that implement this blueprint to allow secure and scalable deployment of IoT devices.

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