The Best Websites to Visit When the Internet Is Too Much

If you’ve spent too much time online — for work or, perhaps for the sake of misguided, pleasure — you may feel the urge to do something on the Internet that isn’t as destructive as reading. news and keeping Elon Musk, For the time being, consider swapping your hours on the social media cesspool, which is Twitter, for a few minutes scrolling through an enjoyable Reddit thread, or exploring the vastness of the space.

Here are my picks of the 10 best places on the Internet right now. Some will ease your worries, others may encourage them to flourish, but they are all worth a look.

i bleach subreddit

please give me puppies
credit: screenshot / reddit

When I first happened upon the eyebleach subreddit, I thought it must be full of things so awful, so deeply disturbing, that you have to bleach your eyes after seeing them. But thankfully I was wrong! With 3.4 million members posting only the best content, r/iBleach, the internet is full of things to watch when you need to bleach your eyes as the horror floods in. scroll down, and you’ll find photo of three dogs laying their heads on each otheror a Bear Cubs Doing What I Can Only Describe As A Lil Jigoeither Some friends are gaining the trust of a bird,

a picture of a person who does not exist

But… she looks so real
credit: screenshot / This person does not exist

It’s not as good as some of the other options on this list, but unbearably attractive. If AI and deepfakes are interesting to you, then this website will either excite you or give you a lot of nightmares. Here, computer scientists generate fake ones using Generative Adversarial Networks, or GANs, and then show them to you whenever you refresh the page. Similarly, you can enjoy this cat does not exist, This artwork does not exist, this horse does not existAnd, for the most idiots among us, This chemical does not exist,

Air Force Gang Facebook Page

Music and mental health, all in one place
credit: screenshot / AF Gang Facebook page

Whether you’re a fan of the British-Irish rock band Idol or not, AF Gangs is one of the best places to spend time online. they have a subreddit And a facebook page, is dedicated not only to the music of Idols but also to building a community in which talking about mental health is welcomed. If Idol isn’t your typical type of music, try other music fan-made online community To celebrate the band – like “Jeff Rosenstock I Look Like Shitposting“Page, eg.

Screenshot of 100,000 stars website

We are very young and the universe is huge!
credits: screenshot / 100,000 stars

do you remember that scene Star Wars: Attack of the ClonesWhen Obi-Wan Kenobi is trying to find a planet, and all the planets appear in holograms in front of him? This is basically the website version of the same, without any star wars context, and it’s also on your computer instead of floating in front of you. It shows a representation of the Milky Way, with all the stars inside it, and lets you travel through it starting at the Sun.

Screenshot of A Soft Murmur website

please give me ambient music
credit: screenshot / A soft murmur

When you want good background noise but can’t find the right tune, this is the best website to find that perfect listening experience. Simply move the sliders, and create your perfect cool background noise. The mere process of making it will put your mind at ease.

A screenshot of the Indieheads subreddit

talk to me music
credit: screenshot /r/indiaheads

With over 2 million members, Indie heads one of the biggest music subreddits On the stage. It’s the place to read AMAs with your favorite indie artists, discuss new music, and write about your favorite album of the year. If you are a fan of indie music, this is one of the best places to spend time online.

Moth website screenshot

tell me a story
credit: screenshot / The Moth

If you want to hear some stories from Neil Gaiman, Kim Sykes, Tricia Rose Burt, or any number of talented writers – Moth is a delightful way to do so. It’s comfortable, educative, and the website is easy to navigate and fun to use.

Screenshot of Cats Being Weird Lil Guys Twitter Account

cats are really weird lil guys
credit: screenshot / Twitter

I wholeheartedly believe that Twitter is a terrible place to spend any time, no matter how funny the tweets are, But there are some Twitter accounts – like Cats Being Weird Lil Guys And make a boy — it’s so hygienic that it really makes staying on the site worth it.

Screenshot of Wish I Was Shitposting About Music in a Bunker Facebook Page

i want crap!
credit: screenshot / Facebook

You don’t have to love music to enjoy I wish I was doing shitpost about music in the bunker facebook page – but it would probably make it a little more fun. Filled with poorly made memes and discussions about new music, this is one of the most delightful places on Facebook.

10. Dedicated Websites cute animals

a dog and a cat

Brb, I just need to look at a furry animal for a second
credit: screenshot / open pups

When all else fails, it’s important to get your daily dose of serotonin. Enter a website specifically dedicated to cute animals, such as Zoo Bornes And open the pups and this livestream that just shows you a bunch of brown bears,

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